July 25, 2022

Does your ABA therapy clinic need practice management software?

Katherine Jester, MS, BCBA, LBA
ABA services

Do you face problems while billing for your ABA services and collecting payments? Is your schedule always disturbed and clients keep complaining about  difficulties in scheduling appointments?

Have you ever considered adopting an ABA practice management software? ABA practice management software manages every aspect of your therapy practice. The right software can significantly impact how smoothly your team functions and how focused you are on your clients.

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Practice management software organizes all aspects of day-to-day business operations and collects and saves all the vital information which can be used as per requirements. This saves time and makes it more convenient for the ABA providers to utilize that time for providing therapy and care to clients. 

ABA practice management software helps practices to ease processes like authorization tracking,  Data Collections and BIP, clinical documentation, and much more. 

Let’s go through the reasons you need to adopt an ABA practice management software.

Smart Scheduling

You might often be in a situation where you have few appointments, which give ample time to manage all personal and office work, while there are times when you have more appointments than you can handle. When there are clients more than the capacity you can handle, the quality-of-care decreases, leaving the clients unsatisfied. All this confusion occurs because of scheduling errors caused by ineffective manual systems. The scheduling error destroys the trust parents have in their ABA practice. 

Practice management systems remove timeline errors and schedule appointments based on your availability. You can add your leave or vacations so that clients do not schedule during that time.

Conveniently Notify Changes in Routine

Clients regularly book therapy appointments based on a fixed schedule when they need to visit you. But sometimes, you are unavailable due to  some other urgent work or taking a well-deserved vacation. While you are at a place where you can’t attend to the clients, they might have to communicate with you regarding their therapy or might have questions. Should the client connect with another therapist at your practice or altogether cancel the appointment? These questions often trouble ABA therapists when they are not available.

ABA practice management software informs the clients about the current and future unavailability of the therapist and lets you send updates to the clients on your routine change.

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Handle Payroll and Track Hours

Do you spend too much time looking for the team members who are prone to arriving late and leaving early? You might often struggle to track the working hours of each team member. Practices sometimes overpay their staff because they cannot follow their working hours, especially if services are provided in-home that involves drive times by the therapists. 

Practice management software simplifies keeping track of these hours. It tracks all the vital details and keeps all the information in a single place. ABA practice management software makes it easy to track your staff’s hours and the way they interact with the clients. This tracking helps to handle payroll without any errors. 

Clinical Documentation

Timely and accurate documents are vital for service justification and client progress. Collecting and accessing client records manually or on paper is costly and time-consuming. It increases the chances of delays, mistakes, and misplacements. There is always a limited space where client documents can be fit, and soon the immense volume of records, especially paper ones, will become a nightmare for your administrative staff. 

ABA practice management software automatically collects and processes client documents. It catches incomplete or missing documentation, ultimately removing the manual errors. Precise documentation eliminates coding errors and saves cost and time for you. It eventually removes wastage and enables you to grow revenue. 

Keep Up with Billing

Clients who do not take care of their portion of the financial responsibility, drastically affect the ABA revenue system. Payments from the clients often are reduced, because of the cracks in the billing and patient collection system. You can keep tracking and smoothly running your system until your bills are paid on time. 

Practice management software makes it simple to collect payments and streamline your ABA billing process. You can automatically bill clients when needed. You can send the pending bills to the parents while they try to schedule a new appointment. You can also send payment reminders and invite them to make payments. 

ABA practice management software is the most effective way to streamline, organize and run your processes. It provides you with tools to grow as an ABA practice. Practice management software is crucial for every ABA therapy to take on more clients for therapy while also growing the revenue. 

Connect with Artemis if you are searching for the best ABA software. We provide all the features needed to achieve your business goals. 

Artemis is an ABA Therapy software that provides best-in-class AI-enabled Clinical, Operations, Practice Management, and Billing software. Built-in the Salesforce Cloud, Artemis ABA provides workflow automation using AI-based technology. It transforms the ABA Therapy space with its innovative offering.

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Katherine Jester, MS, BCBA, LBA

Clinical Technical Solutions | Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Mental Health Therapist 

Katherine Jester is a Michigan-based BCBA and mental health therapist with 10+ years of experience helping diverse clinical populations. Katherine completed her graduate work at the University of Michigan and has had the privilege to work with incredible kids and families in both residential treatment and outpatient clinic settings. She is proud to support the clinical development of Artemis ABA, and enjoys working with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practice stakeholders to put time and flexibility back in the hands of their teams.