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With Artemis ABA billing, you can be assured that your billing process will be handled efficiently and effectively. Our software is designed to handle claim rejections and outstanding balances quickly, so you can focus on providing the best possible care for your patients. Our dedicated ABA medical billing manager will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your claims are processed smoothly and in a timely manner. Additionally, our customer service team is top-notch, with the fastest response time in the industry. With Artemis, you can trust that your billing needs are in good hands.

Artemis – Billing Management and Real-time Updates

Artemis understands ABA therapy billing and insurance services are critical to your practice. We provide affordable and reliable billing.

Artemis provides a billing solution that can be integrated with each software release or update.

Artemis offers the services and resources you need to grow your practice and care for wait-listed patients.

Artemis focuses not only on our ability to track claims but also on getting them paid timely.

Artemis specializes in getting you paid using automated workflow and machine learning technology.

Artemis uses cutting-edge technologies to provide efficient billing management to eliminate denials.

Experience Faster Billing with Minimal Human Intervention

Artemis – Billing Management and Real-time Updates

Artemis is one of the best billing software for therapists and provides real-time billing updates using advanced AI-powered billing. We provide easy access to account receivable reporting and tracking. Our software can integrate into your EHR and can provide detailed reporting.

Our Features

Ability to view, import, and post ERA documents

Thoroughly audit the claims before submission to achieve a high first pass ratio

Auto grouping of eligible sessions, which can be merged onto a single claim

Practice level view on owed vs. paid amounts

Location filters to drill down to specific location financials

Create manual claims using CMS 1500 forms and include additional information not available in the online documents

Save time and resources by submitting multiple claims in a single batch

Spend Less Time on Billing and More with Your Clients

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Does your ABA therapy clinic need practice management software?

ABA SOAP notes simplified: How-to, expert advice, and templates