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Advanced scheduling

Are you tired of switching between multiple windows to view, understand and manage your office schedule?

Artemis permits users to view various schedules to compare and group appointments, availability, and quickly schedule individual appointments. Now spend more time caring for your clients and less time managing your practice with Artemis AI-driven technology.

Improve client care and simplify billing to better manage insurance authorizations. Move your practice forward and eliminate wait lists with predictive revenue growth and market visibility.

Simplified scheduling, easy-to-use with automatic verification and validation

Artemis unified dashboard is fully integrated throughout the entire workflow. This keeps providers, staff, and all team members aligned and focused on your clients.

Artemis ensures that the right therapist is scheduled for every appointment with automatic availability, qualification, and preference verification.

Artemis reduces time searching and entering information. Our advanced features include recurring and non-billable appointments, multi-staff availability views, and bypassing service days or overlapping appointments not allowed by the funding source.

Artemis makes it easy to ensure that all providers are matched with the correct clients. Review combined schedules or drill down to the appointment details on the same screen to eliminate errors and manage availability.

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Care starts here. A professional practice runs on schedule

Artemis's advanced scheduling connects you to your practice in a meaningful way. Our scheduling system is designed to streamline your workflow using AI-driven technology to help you run and grow your practice.

Our features

Multiple views (month, week, day, list)

Color-coded appointment based on status

Multiple reports to assist the scheduler

Manage billable vs. non-billable duration while scheduling to prevent billing errors

Multiple filters DOS, location, provider, and more to customize your data in the view

Provision to add multiple additional providers to an appointment, including supervising provider

Day planner view for providers and their clients to prevent appointment overlaps

Conflict resolution option based on provider availability and available authorization units/hours

View the available vs. booked hours before scheduling a new appointment

Auto-completion of session based on practice's signature preference

Quick cancellation of appointments with predefined cancellation reasons

Recurring appointments - plan daily/weekly/monthly recurring appointments with a click

Enjoy thorough and accurate scheduling with the most compelling ABA scheduler

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Artemis scheduling system knows everything you need to function in your practice smoothly. Want to improve your bottom line and schedule?


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