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Jumpstart your success with the best reporting and analytics solutions

Offering exceptional care and enhanced services to clients is challenging for your ABA practice. Clients expect optimum care, and personalized experience.

ABA therapy is time sensitive and demands highly skilled professionals to collect and read all the relevant data to carry out the processes. Artemis is the most specialized - ABA practice management software that collects all the appropriate practice and client data to accurately analyze and generate the desired reports.

Our benefits

Actionable alerts

Artemis provides actionable alerts to improve decision-making and save you money

Analytics & insights

Artemis AI analyzes your data and provides actionable insights, alerts, and business intelligence to help streamline your workflow.

Decision making

Artemis ABA practice management software helps to make confidential decisions at the organizational level quickly


With Artemis, practices can create personalized reports according to their need and market demand

Performance reporting

Artemis practice management software solution reads all the time-sensitive data and provides meaningful real-time understandings of practice’s performance

Streamline your ABA practice with the industry’s best reporting and analytics solution

Precise & timely report for your time-sensitive ABA practice 

ABA providers often keep thinking about how their practice can manage timely filing limits, authorization and staff utilization, credentials, and more. Artemis is the best ABA practice management software solution that reveals hidden opportunities and trends to enhance the quality of care and client support.

Our features

Dashboards – interactive and connected , Robust analytics and trend analysis tools, Interactive alerts, Generate interactive reports with data, charts, and graphs, Drill down into report and chart data, Create custom reports with a report builder, Export reports and data into excel or via API, Report and data security by role and user.

Get ready to create your own detailed reports with the super power of AI

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Artemis provides robust data analysis at a scale that puts your data to work. Drive best practices and enhance your care with actionable real-time data. 

  • Aging reports to track payments
  • Client authorization management
  • Financial view at a snapshot
  • Track the overall productivity of staff

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Ensure quick and confident decisions at every business level with intelligent reporting and analytics tools


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