Innovation Advisory Board Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Artemis Innovation Advisory Board is to provide continuous innovation for the behavioral health industry and continue to support the Artemis vision statement. In order to accomplish this, talented professionals and leadership members as well as stakeholders participate in ongoing efforts which support the IAB vision and objectives.

Our Mission our Focus

To work with our customers to positively impact the industry by helping them grow their practice while delivering the highest quality professional care.

IAB Mission

The IAB is a strategy-level focus group of select individuals who provide value with a combination of knowledge, experience and thought leadership within the behavioral health industry. The primary goal of IAB is to facilitate positive change through an innovation mindset and framework.Our journey is one of fellowship, helping our customers grow their practice together. IAB helps us in this journey. We believe by working together we can be in a better position to positively impact the behavioral health industry by identifying and working on the issues that matter most.

Guiding Principles and Best Practices

Dedication and Commitment

All participating members will strive to uphold to the IAB Vision as well as our Mission Statement.


We will strive to show value by working as ateam to accomplish goals set forth by the IAB meetings and therefore maintain our accountability to the mission.


We encourage open dialogue and welcome both positive and negative feedback from IAB. When presenting, we strive to use a 20/80 approach. The meeting will be 20% presenting ideas, 80% listening to feedback.

Integrity / Professionalism

All IAB members as well as team members will be respectful and honest, will not show favoritism or discrimination, and will strive to demonstrate business ethical standards.


IAB meetings are considered a “no sale” zone in order to facilitate and encourage candid feedback. 


Required from all parties involved.


  • Market Knowledge - Gain a better understanding of industry trends and priorities that are shaping the behavioral health industry.
  • Competitive Intelligence - Gain understanding into competitive differentiation as well as potential competitive threats.
  • Enhancement and Development Direction - Assess and brainstorm on product opportunities and improvements as well as maintaining overall customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic Validation - Ensure our direction and road map is in alignment with customer needs and expectations.
  • Industry Collaboration - Strengthen relationships peer-to-peer by providing and fostering networking opportunities.


Artemis uses design thinking which is an innovative and collaborative approach to problem-solving that puts the user first to create customer-centered products and services.

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